Windbridge Research Center 2021 Afterlife Symposium

The 2021 Afterlife Symposium shared free content intended to normalize experiences, share current research findings, demonstrate the importance of afterlife topics, and lessen death anxiety. We wanted to offer real-world suggestions for bringing afterlife topics into our daily lives, not in a morbid way but with peace and acceptance.

The Symposium was 11 sessions with 11 contributors including Center team members discussing research and clinical applications, and having candid conversations with mediums, experiencers, and scholars.

You can pick and choose the sessions relevant to you and watch them in any order. They are listed on the 2021 Symposium webpage and on our YouTube channel. In addition, a PDF file of the Conference Program document includes abstracts and presenter biographies.

As a charitable organization, we believe we must provide access to our research and educational materials to everyone at no cost. If you benefit from the content of this free symposium, please consider making a donation.

To visit the Symposium page click here.