Addressing Misconceptions about Mediums: Free “Well, actually…” PDF

At the Windbridge Research Center, we try to correct any misinformation about mediums we encounter. For example, when Dr. Julie Beischel, Director of Research at the Center, spends time with her uncle Harold* (say, at a holiday dinner table), he (say, after a couple of egg nogs) often launches into a barrage of erroneous statements that she tries to calmly correct.

Dr. Beischel collected some of these conversations and created a document called “‘Well, actually…’ (Responses to Common Misconceptions about Mediums).”
*Dr. Beischel does not have an Uncle Harold. He is fictional and was created for the purpose of the “Well, actually…” document. The photo is clipart. Harold is an amalgam of people and opinions we’ve encountered. Please play along.

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