Call for Volunteer Participants: WAAVS Study

Update March 24, 2021 10:15AM PST The WAAVS Study Has Closed

 We have reached the target number of responses, and we are no longer accepting new submissions.

Call for Volunteer Participants:
Windbridge Afterlife Acceptance and Validity Survey (WAAVS)

The purpose of the WAAVS (‘waves’) study is to understand what people think about the idea of an afterlife and why they hold those beliefs.

If you agree to participate, your participation will involve completing an online survey with questions about your beliefs and feelings about the afterlife. We will also be asking demographics questions.

Participant Requirements:
To participate in WAAVS, you must have the following characteristics:
–You are 18 or more years old,
–You currently reside in the United States,*
–You have access to the Internet,
–You can read and write English easily.

*Future versions of this study may be adapted for other languages and locations.

Please note that this study has closed. We are no longer accepting new submissions. Thank you for your interest.