Video: “Can the mind exist without the body?” (From the *2011* SSE Conference)

Waaaay back in 2011 at the 30th annual Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) Conference in Boulder, Colorado, USA, Dr. Julie Beischel presented “Anomalous Information Reception by Research Mediums under Quintuple-Blind Conditions: Can the Mind Exist without the Body?”

This recently released video includes her ~20 min talk which is a nice review of the 5 levels of blinding we use to address normal explanations for the information about the deceased reported by mediums. It also includes the accuracy data we had collected at that time.

View the video above or at

For a review of the additional accuracy data we collected since then and published in 2015, see the Fact Sheet “Testing Mediums’ Accuracy Under Controlled Laboratory Conditions” at