Video: “A Survey of Secular American Mediums”

In this 2018 presentation, Dr. Julie Beischel discusses the results from Bial Foundation-funded research projects which surveyed 316 mediums and 1,068 non-mediums as part of the OCTO, SAMS, and CINCO Studies. It was recorded as part of the 2018 Parapsychology Massively Open Online Course (ParaMOOC2018) organized by Drs. Nancy Zingrone and Carlos Alvarado.

Study findings:

Significantly FEWER mediums than non-mediums reported:
-living in the Midwest

Significantly MORE mediums than non-mediums reported:
-being not right-handed
-being gay/lesbian
-being sensitive to environmental stressors
-having autoimmune and other diseases
-experiencing childhood trauma

Psychological test results demonstrate that the mediums who participated are more Agreeable and Conscientious, score higher in fantasy proneness, and have more psychological resources and strengths than the non-mediums who participated in the studies.

The video also covers mediums’ business practices and mediumistic vs. psychic experiences.

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