Abstracts: WRC at The Science of Consciousness Conference

The Science of Consciousness (TSC) is an interdisciplinary conference emphasizing broad and rigorous approaches to studying and understanding all aspects of conscious awareness. 

This year, the conference has moved online, and we are pleased to have two of our projects included:

Correlating Mediums’ Accuracy under Quintuple-blind Conditions with their Sensory Modality Preferences. Julie Beischel, Lisa Conboy (Windbridge Research Center, Tucson, AZ)

This is a status update from our current Bial Foundation-funded project. The project will close at the end of 2020. A full paper will be published in 2021. Free, open-access educational materials based on this study will be available shortly after.

You can read the abstract here

A Qualitative Investigation of the Beliefs and Internal Experiences of Mediums. Lisa Conboy, Pamela Hill, Guljan Nurmuradova, Nguyet-Nga Wolverton, Mark Boccuzzi, Julie Beischel (BIDMC-Harvard Medical School, Watertown, MA)

This is a report on the qualitative analysis of data collected as part of the Center’s Secular American Mediums Survey (SAMS) Study. Participants answered questions regarding factors that enhance or inhibit communication with the deceased, their explanations for why they are mediums, how their abilities developed, their cultural background, and how their spirituality relates to mediumship.

A full paper is currently in progress with free, open-access educational materials to follow.

You can read the abstract here.


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