SSE 2019: Dr. Julie Beischel is the Invited Banquet Speaker

The 2019 Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) Conference will take place on June 5th-8th in Broomfield, Colorado. The theme is “Consilience,” the principle that evidence from unrelated sources can converge and produce unified conclusions.

Dr. Julie Beischel was invited to present “You’re Not Even in There Now: The Consilience of Survival of Consciousness, Body Ownership, and Cellular Turnover Research” as the conference banquet speaker.

The evidence for the non-materialist non-locality of consciousness continues to grow and gain more mainstream attention. This includes both studies demonstrating psi (telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and mind-matter interactions) and empirical evidence suggestive of the survival of consciousness after bodily and brain death (or simply: survival). The most evidential survival data come from reports of children with verifiable past life memories, veridical information acquired during near-death experiences involving brain death, and accurate and specific information about the deceased reported by psychic mediums under controlled laboratory conditions. In addition, non-psi-based research in the area of body ownership (the experience that this body is mine) using rubber hand and body swap illusions confirms a tenuous and easily disrupted tether between consciousness and the body throughout physical life. Furthermore, the variable turnover rates of tissues in the living body established using protocols such as the carbon-14 bomb-pulse method demonstrate a discontinuous body and thus an impermanence of the living physical self. These realities are further echoed in the common language used to describe the difference between the body and the self. Prevailing research findings in these areas and their application for new paradigm development will be reviewed and the potential implications for everyday life will be discussed.

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