Should I get a reading?

Always check with a healthcare provider when choosing treatment options.

A mediumship reading may not be helpful for everyone.

People get mediumship readings for lots of reasons. Even if you’re doing it out of curiosity or just for fun, the experience may have profound effects on you and it’s important to recognize that possibility.

If you are specifically interested in a mediumship reading to address grief, deliberation similar to that related to any new treatment option is required. We recommend a discussion with your mental health professional (MHP) prior. [MHPs can learn more about addressing afterlife beliefs and experiences in the “Assessing Afterlife Beliefs in Psychotherapy” article or fact sheet.]

Regardless of your reason, you can optimize the reading by having realistic expectations. We believe that a mediumship reading involves at least three people: the medium, the sitter, and the deceased. In order for it to go well, all three of those people need to be a good fit and be willing participants. The sitter(s) can optimize the reading process by following some simple do’s and don’ts below before, during, and after the reading. (See the Fact Sheet: Recommendations for Sitters.) Want a better mediumship reading? Be a better sitter. (See also the video Things Mediums Say.)

Despite what people may have seen during TV shows that feature mediums “in real life,” it is our experience that the information provided during a reading is seldom, if ever, 100% accurate and sitters should be ready for that.

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