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Thank you for your interest in our work at the Windbridge Research Center. This page was designed for curious individuals who aren’t necessarily researchers, clinicians, or practitioners. Here we have collected a selection of materials designed to introduce you to the Center and our work.

Always consult a licensed healthcare provider when evaluating treatment options or making lifestyle changes.

About consciousness and ‘the afterlife’

Your mind, self, or identity (the unique mental part of you; also called your soul or spirit) is referred to by researchers and others as your consciousness. When discussing consciousness after the death of the brain and body, researchers use the term ‘survival of consciousness’ or just ‘survival’ for the phenomenon often called ‘the afterlife.’

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Fact Sheet (PDF):
Support for the Survival of Consciousness Explanation

How is this possible?

Fact Sheet (PDF):
The Four Types of After-Death Communication Experiences (ADCs)

Journal Article (PDF):
The Afterlife as an Extension of Lifespan Development by Pamela Rae Heath, MD, PsyD

About dying

2-sided Folded Pamphlet (PDF):
End of Life Experiences: What to Expect

Journal Article (PDF):
End-of-Life Experiences: Advice for Caregivers by Patricia Pearson, MSc

Video (Watch on YouTube):
Passing On is an original PBS documentary “comprised of compelling, sensitive, and personal stories that frankly discuss the topics of death, dying, and end-of-life planning.” (57 min)

Community Resource:
Share The Care is a system used by caregivers and their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances that lets everyone share responsibilities. The simple, easy-to-follow system includes seven guiding principles and 23 forms to help create and maintain a caregiver network.
[Visit Share The Care website]

About mediums

Mediums are people who report experiencing contact with the deceased regularly, reliably, and on-demand and who share the specific resulting messages with living people called sitters during an event called a reading.

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What are mediums and how do scientists study them?

Why is mediumship research important?

Are all mediums frauds?

Fact Sheet (PDF):
Testing Mediums’ Accuracy Under Controlled Laboratory Conditions

External online article:
Beischel, J. (2018). Mental mediumship research. Psi Encyclopedia.

Website Article:
“Mediumship Research at the Windbridge Research Center by Director of Research, Julie Beischel, PhD.”
(Provides and overview of our three research programs investigating mediums.)

About grief

Unresolved grief can cause significant mental and physical distress and traditional psychotherapy may not be effective for relieving grief. Grief is resolved when the bereaved are able to recognize their continuing bonds with the deceased. Experiences of contact with the deceased are called After-death Communication experiences or ADCs.

Always consult a licensed healthcare provider when evaluating treatment options or making lifestyle changes.

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Grief and After-death Communication

Should I get a reading?

Website Article:
Is hearing from the dead normal?

Fact Sheet (PDF):
The Potential Therapeutic Benefit of Mediumship Readings in the Treatment of Grief

Journal Article (PDF):
Assisted after-death communication: A self-prescribed treatment for grief [Extended abstract].
The introduction to this article discusses the ubiquitous, healthy nature of spontaneous after-death communication experiences (ADCs).
Source: Beischel, J. (2014).  Journal of Near-Death Studies, 32, 161–165.

About the Windbridge Research Center

Website Article:
About us

Website Article:
Our current projects

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Scientific Research

the Windbridge Research Center publishes Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies (TJICS), a free, online-only, open access peer-reviewed journal that disseminates information focusing on interdisciplinary studies of consciousness as it relates to dying, death, and what comes next. For more information, click here.

Introduction Video
For general descriptions of studies with mediums at the Windbridge Research Center, watch Director of Research Dr. Julie Beischel’s talk at the 2009 Society for Scientific Exploration meeting HERE. (Please note: At the time, the research currently addressed by the Windbridge Research Center was conducted at the Windbridge Institute.)

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