Our Response to COVID-19

If you are experiencing mental or physical distress or having suicidal thoughts, contact your healthcare provider or local support line immediately. Always check with your healthcare provider when considering treatment options.

As those around us become ill, many people will seek answers to one of the most profound human questions: What happens when we die?

Those who have experienced a sudden loss may also immediately attempt to connect with the recently departed through the use of a medium

While preliminary data suggest that a mediumship reading may help to alleviate the symptoms of traumatic grief, there is still much we don’t know about the process and who would benefit most from a mediumship reading.

It is our position that those who are seeking a mediumship reading as a way to mitigate their grief should do so cautiously and with a full understanding of the mediumship process. Mediumship readings portrayed in the media are rarely accurate or realistic representations of actual mediumship sessions. Moreover, including a licensed mental health professional in the process before and after the reading may be helpful for integrating the experience.

In addition, it is important to consider that the newly deceased may require time to adjust, reorient, and heal. Those in the afterlife might benefit from focused thoughts of well-wishing, encouragement, and love (Please see: How the Living Can Help the Recently Departed).

Finally, As the demand for mediumship readings increases, so might the opportunities for fraudulent mediums to take advantage of the grieving.

Those who are experiencing the effects of traumatic grief may wish to postpone seeking a medium until they have the resilience and support to properly understand the process and to fully vet potential mediums.

Our Work Continues

While many of us around the world are currently sheltering in place, the work of the Center is moving forward. Since we collaborate with a diverse, geographically separated team of researchers and volunteers, much of our activities already take place online. As a result, lockdowns and social distancing have little impact on our daily operations. Assuming we all stay healthy, we will continue with our current research projects, develop and distribute new free educational materials, and publish new papers.

However, all in-person meetings, events, presentations, interviews, along with travel, are suspended until further notice. Online activities will continue as planned.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our website and review all our free, online resources.

Wishing you the best,

Mark Boccuzzi
Executive Director
Windbridge Research Center