Windbridge Research Center Presentation at SSE/IRVA 2018

A presentation titled “Living-Agent Psi is Dead: Limitations of the Language used to Describe Mediumistic Phenomena” by Director of Research Dr. Julie Beischel was accepted by the program committee of the 2018 joint conference between the Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) and the International Remote […]

“Mental Mediumship Research” by Dr. Julie Beischel in the SPR’s Psi Encyclopedia

Dr. Beischel was invited to provide an article that reviews contemporary research with mental mediums as an entry for the Society for Psychical Research’s new Psi Encyclopedia. Read the entire “Mental Mediumship Research” entry (with linked references) here: The Psi Encyclopedia is “a new collection […]

Dr. Julie Beischel interviewed on Shattered Reality

Shattered Reality is “a paranormal podcast” hosted by Kate Valentine and Fahrusha that recently featured Dr. Julie Beischel, Director of Research at the Windbridge Research Center. In an interview on February 27, 2018, Dr. Beischel discussed her research regarding mediumistic communication and other after-death communication […]

Windbridge Research Center receives US IRS tax-exempt status

The Windbridge Research Center, an Arizona non-profit corporation, was founded on July 21, 2017. On February 22, 2018, the Center was granted federal 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status as a public charity. Donors can deduct contributions to the Windbridge Research Center under Internal Revenue Code Section 170. […]

Dr. Julie Beischel interviewed on Skeptiko

Julie Beischel, PhD, Director of Research at the Center, was interviewed by Alex Tsakiris on the podcast Skeptiko: Science at the Tipping Point, an interview-centered podcast covering the science of human consciousness. Dr. Beischel’s interview was posted on January 23, 2018. View the video at: […]