New Online Course: ParaMOOC2019

For the 5th consecutive year, Nancy Zingrone and Carlos Alvarado have organized the massive, open, online course (MOOC), “Parapsychology: Research and Theory” (a.k.a., ParaMOOC2019). This year, they’re focusing on the topic of survival after death. WHERE:, a social media teaching platform WHEN: Saturdays and […]

HemPhys Study Results Published

Our article “Hematological and Psychophysiological Correlates of Anomalous Information Reception in Mediums: A Preliminary Exploration” has been published in the peer-reviewed journal Explore: The Fact Sheet “Disease Burden in Mediums” reviews why we first started studying this aspect of mediumship, the findings from the […]

New Fact Sheet: “Support for the Survival of Consciousness Explanation”

This fact sheet reviews the two major theories for what happens to the mind when the brain and physical body die: materialism (when the brain dies, so does consciousness) and non-local consciousness (mind is separate from brain and survives death). Several fields of research support […]

“Assessing Afterlife Beliefs in Psychotherapy”: Manuscript and Fact Sheet

In the peer-reviewed journal article “Assessing Afterlife Beliefs in Psychotherapy,” authors Beth Christopherson, LCSW, and Julie Beischel, PhD, propose an afterlife assessment guide which includes sample open-ended questions mental health professionals (MHPs) can ask clients about their afterlife beliefs and experiences. This guide, called the […]

SSE 2019: Dr. Julie Beischel is the Invited Banquet Speaker

The 2019 Society for Scientific Exploration (SSE) Conference will take place on June 5th-8th in Broomfield, Colorado. The theme is “Consilience,” the principle that evidence from unrelated sources can converge and produce unified conclusions. Dr. Julie Beischel was invited to present “You’re Not Even in […]

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