Video: “A Survey of Secular American Mediums”

In this 2018 presentation, Dr. Julie Beischel discusses the results from Bial Foundation-funded research projects which surveyed 316 mediums and 1,068 non-mediums as part of the OCTO, SAMS, and CINCO Studies. It was recorded as part of the 2018 Parapsychology Massively Open Online Course (ParaMOOC2018) […]

Four Types of After-Death Communication Experiences: Journal Article and Fact Sheet

The peer-reviewed article, “Spontaneous, Facilitated, Assisted, and Requested After-Death Communication Experiences and their Impact on Grief,” by Julie Beischel, PhD, has been published in the journal Threshold. Abstract: Experiences of after-death communication are normal, common, and usually healthy. They often go unreported by experiencers for […]

New Navigation Webpage

The ‘Pick Your Path’ page on the Windbridge Research Center website allows you to access customized content based on your specific interests whether you are a researcher, a medium or other practitioner, a counselor or other clinician, or just curious. View the webpage at

New Fact Sheet: “Disease Burden in Mediums”

The new fact sheet “Disease Burden in Mediums” reviews why we first started studying this aspect of mediumship, the findings from our “HemPhys” study, and the results from a health survey of 125 mediums and 222 non-mediums of similar ages, genders, and races: More mediums […]

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