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Studying dying, death, and what comes next

How the Living Can Help the Recently Departed

A review of near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, reincarnation research, past life hypnotherapy regressions, mystic visions, deathbed apparitions, and other related materials conducted by Jon Klimo and Pamela Heath reveal insights into what the newly departed may be experiencing:

    “…the newly dead must learn how to perceive the world around them without the use of the sense organs… they must separate from what remains of their physical bodies. Many times, this is effortless. However, sometimes—possibly because of belief systems or emotional attachment to their bodies, or other people, places, or things in the physical world—this can take time.” (Heath, 2017, p.8)

Heartfelt well-wishes “can benefit souls at all stages and levels of the afterlife… Focused thoughts of well-wishing, encouragement, forgiveness, and love can aid those in the afterlife” (Heath & Klimo, 2010, p. 177).

While we have not specifically tested these topics, given these reports, allowing the recently departed time to reorient may result in a more successful mediumship reading in the future. In addition, rather than requesting your deceased loved one communicate with you through a medium immediately, sending thoughts of well-wishes and encouragement as your loved one readjusts is a gift only you can provide.

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