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…Experiences of Contact with the Deceased (After-death Communication experiences, ADCs)

The introduction to this article discusses the ubiquitous, natural, and usually healing nature of spontaneous ADCs:
Beischel, J. (2014). Assisted after-death communication: A self-prescribed treatment for grief [Extended abstract]. Journal of Near-Death Studies, 32, 161–165.
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…Grief and Mediumship Readings

The Potential Therapeutic Benefit of Mediumship Readings in the Treatment of Grief” (Fact Sheet by WRC)

Receiving a mediumship reading: Recommendations for Sitters” (Fact Sheet by WRC)
More detailed recommendations are available in the e-book Meaningful messages: Making the most of your mediumship reading. [Beischel, J. (2013). Retrieved from ]

For a brief overview of our mediumship research findings, see “Major Research Findings.” For a more detailed discussion, see “Mediumship Research at the Windbridge Research Center by Director of Research, Julie Beischel, PhD.”


…Windbridge Mediums

Funding for the Windbridge mediumship certification program has ended. We are no longer screening, testing, or certifying additional mediums.

Click here to learn more about Windbridge Certified Research Mediums


…Disease and Trauma in Mediums

Early stage research suggests that people who self-identify as mediums may have higher incidences of diseases and other conditions including autoimmune disorders as compared to the incidences reported in the general US population or in non-medium populations of similar ages and genders.

Citation: Beischel, J., Tassone, S., & Boccuzzi, M. (2019). Hematological and psychophysiological correlates of anomalous information reception in mediums: A preliminary exploration. EXPLORE: The Journal of Science & Healing15(2), 126–133. doi: 10.1016/j.explore.2018.04.009
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Fact Sheet summarizing the findings: Disease Burden in Mediums
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In addition, self-identified mediums report a higher incidence of childhood trauma than do non-medium populations of similar ages and genders. Because of the established relationship between childhood trauma and adult physical disease and our research finding that a single mediumship reading did not cause any changes in various hematological and psychophysiological factors in participants (see paper above), we have concluded that the increased incidence of disease in mediums is related to the increased incidence of childhood trauma. Thus, we have concluded that it is not mediumship that causes an increase in disease but trauma that causes both disease and mediumship.

Citation: Beischel, J. (2015, May). Assessing hematological and psychophysiological correlates of anomalous information reception in mediums. 34th Annual Meeting of the Society for Scientific Exploration, Rockville, Maryland.

Publications are currently in progress to report on these findings in more detail. More information will be posted here as soon as it becomes available.


…Caring for the Dying

End-of-Life Experiences: Advice for Caregivers” by Patricia Pearson, MSc (article in Threshold)

Passing On 
is an original PBS documentary “comprised of compelling, sensitive, and personal stories that frankly discuss the topics of death, dying, and end-of-life planning.” (57 min) 

Share The Care is a system used by caregivers and their friends, neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances that lets everyone share responsibilities. The simple, easy-to-follow system includes seven guiding principles and 23 forms to help create and maintain a caregiver network.


…Experiencers’ Reports of Haunt-related Phenomena

Analyzing Linguistic Characteristics in Requests for Paranormal Investigations” by Mark Boccuzzi (article in Threshold)


…the Afterlife

The Afterlife as an Extension of Lifespan Development” by Pamela Rae Heath, MD, PsyD (article in Threshold)



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Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies (TJICS)

TJICS is a free, online-only, open access peer-reviewed journal published by the Windbridge Research Center that disseminates information focusing on interdisciplinary studies of consciousness as it relates to dying, death, and what comes next. For more information, click here.




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