Windbridge Research Center Studying dying, death, and what comes next
Studying dying, death, and what comes next

Education: Normalizing After-Death Communication (ADC) Experiences

Our newest educational initiative, Audrey’s Project (named after Mark’s mother, who transitioned in March 2020), is creating collaborations between after-death communication (ADC) experiencers, researchers, mental health professionals, artists, and technologists. Together, these multidisciplinary teams transform submitted, written reports of ADCs into rich, multimedia (video, images, sound, music, and interactivity) exhibitions.

The goal is to create a library of these enhanced experiences that help foster in-depth public engagement with ADCs, promote healing, and further normalize ADC experiences.

In line with the Center’s mission, the compiled library will be offered online to clinicians, researchers, and the general public as a free, open-access resource starting in June 2021.
Our thanks to everyone who submitted their account and provided support for this project! Our next round of submissions will open in early 2021.

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