“Assessing Afterlife Beliefs in Psychotherapy”: Manuscript and Fact Sheet

In the peer-reviewed journal article “Assessing Afterlife Beliefs in Psychotherapy,” authors Beth Christopherson, LCSW, and Julie Beischel, PhD, propose an afterlife assessment guide which includes sample open-ended questions mental health professionals (MHPs) can ask clients about their afterlife beliefs and experiences. This guide, called the SRRT, is organized around four concepts (Significance, Relationships, Resources, and Treatment) for determining if any afterlife beliefs or spiritual experiences may be relevant to the client’s well-being. MHPs can download the paper for free at http://www.tjics.org/index.php/TJICS/article/view/29/24

We encourage MHPs to share this article with colleagues and hope it will serve as an initial resource for collaboration regarding assessing and addressing afterlife beliefs and spiritual experiences in psychotherapeutic settings.

This paper appears in Threshold: Journal of Interdisciplinary Consciousness Studies, the free, peer-reviewed, online-only, open access journal published by the Windbridge Research Center focusing on consciousness as it relates to dying, death, and what comes next.

A Fact Sheet summarizing the journal article “Assessing Afterlife Beliefs in Psychotherapy,” by Christopherson and Beischel is available here: https://windbridge.org/factsheets/WRC_assessingbeliefs.pdf

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