Abstract: WRC at 2020 ACISTE Conference

Windbridge Research Center Executive Director and Researcher, Mark Boccuzzi, will be presenting via Zoom during the upcoming American Center for the Integration of Spiritually Transformative Experiences (ACISTE) conference.
The conference will feature over a dozen presenters and provide current research and information regarding best clinical practices for spiritual experiences. Continuing Education Credits are available (please follow the link below for important information about CE’s).

Mark’s presentation is titled “Fostering Public Engagement with After-Death Communication Experiences Through Art and Technology.”


Fostering Public Engagement with After-Death Communication Experiences Through Art and Technology

After-death communication experiences (ADCs) have been categorized as spontaneous, facilitated, assisted, and more recently, as requested. ADCs are common and can be helpful in the grieving process and the reduction of death anxiety. Research also suggests that the potential positive benefits of ADCs are not limited only to the experiencer, but may extend to others who learn about the ADC experiences of others.

The normalization of those experiences may aid in removing the social stigma, and the resulting stress that may follow ADCs.

Currently, collections of ADC experiences exist, but those accounts are mostly captured as text or video interviews. While helpful, those formats may not be appealing or accessible to all audiences.

At the Windbridge Research Center, the Audrey Project is forming collaborations between ADC experiencers, researchers, mental health professionals, artists, and technologists. Together, these multidisciplinary teams transform submitted, written reports of ADCs into rich, multimedia (video, images, sound, music, and interactivity) exhibitions.

The goal is to create a library of these enhanced experiences that help foster in-depth public engagement with ADCs, promote healing, and further normalize ADC experiences.

In line with the Center’s mission, the compiled library will be offered online to clinicians, researchers, and the general public as a free, open-access resource.

This event has been postponed. Please sign up to our email list for updates.