2022 Popular Downloads and Hidden Gems

Thousands of people visit the Windbridge Research Center website each month and access our free, open-access research and educational materials. In 2022, our most popular downloads included (links open PDFs): 

Factsheet: Recommendations for Sitters

Factsheet: Testing Mediums’ Accuracy Under Controlled Laboratory Conditions

Research: Contemporary methods used in laboratory-based mediumship research

In addition to these popular downloads, we wanted to highlight two of our favorite resources: 

Research: Assessing Afterlife Beliefs in Psychotherapy
About: This paper provides an open-access afterlife assessment guide that incorporates the recommended two-phase religion and spirituality assessment approach and provides introductory guidelines for mental health professionals to competently assess and address afterlife beliefs and spiritual experiences in the psychotherapy setting. Download PDF here.

Research: Development and Deployment of the Windbridge Psi and Related Phenomena Awareness Questionnaire (WPRPAQ)
About: The WPRPAQ is a novel, open-access, 10-item, web-based instrument that phenomenologically describes experiential psi-related phenomena without using problematic terms and asks respondents to signify whether they are aware of the phenomena or not and, if so, what experience they have had with them. Download PDF here.

Remember, you can access all our research, factsheets, and other free content from the Education tab.