Are you interested in participating in a
Windbridge Institute research study?

General qualifications include:

18 or more years old
Reside in the United States*
Speak and write English as your primary language
Have an e-mail address
Can send and receive e-mail attachments

Please see the pre-screening forms for any additional requirements.

We are currently seeking:

Animal Guardian Sitters:
Volunteer guardian sitters receive and score mediumship readings about a beloved deceased companion animal.

NOTE: If you have already submitted a pre-screening form for a different study, you are welcome to complete the Guardian Sitter form.

For more information about Guardian Sitters'' required qualifications and potential responsibilities, time commitments, compensation, and costs and to complete a secure, on-line pre-screening questionnaire please click here (link opens a new browser window).

The questionnaire takes approximately 10-20 minutes to complete.

We are not recruiting animal communicators at this time.


*The US residency requirement is in place for both logistical and scientific reasons.

Logistically, our Windbridge Certified Research Mediums (WCRMs) are all based in the US and organizing readings across international time zones is difficult. In addition, different countries have different regulations pertaining to research participants and ensuring compliance in multiple countries is beyond the scope of the current studies.

Scientifically, the WCRMs have experience primarily with US-based clients and we are unsure of the effects that cultural, social, and language differences may have on the mediumship process and on sitters' abilities to objectively score the accuracy of readings provided by a US medium. We do not have the resources at this time to investigate these possible effects but hope to in the future.


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