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This site is owned and operated by the Windbridge Institute, LLC.

The institute does not maintain marketing, media, or editorial departments nor do we put funds aside to hire outside consultants for these tasks. We are simply a small group of scientists and volunteers who focus on conducting research. This site was developed in-house and is the result of several weekends of work using free, opensource tools. It is constantly being updated and tweaked and should be considered a work in progress.

Design and Development
Primary design and development was completed by Mark Boccuzzi and Julie Beischel with input from volunteers, friends, and colleagues.

Most of the photos were taken by Boccuzzi and Beischel. There is also a fair amount of free clip art.

In addition, we used images from the following:

Copyright: kadirtinte / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: guniita / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: foxaon / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: convisum / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: bradcalkins / 123RF Stock Photo
Copyright: archman / 123RF Stock Photo

Development Tools
WordPress, Tempera templateIntelliWidget Featured Posts and Custom MenusTestimonial Rotator,TinyMCE AdvancedWP Super Cache,

We would like to dedicate this site to all our supporters, volunteers, and the granting organizations that make our work possible. The main goal of this site is to get the results of the research that you helped create into the hands of the people who need it. We couldn’t do this without you. Thank you.

In memoriam: Moose
March 6, 2000 to March 2, 2015
We miss you, good girl.

Moose the Dog

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