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New e-Book by Julie Beischel, PhD, Windbridge Institute Director of Research

Among Mediums: A Scientist's Quest for Answers is an accessible, bite-sized review of Dr. Beischel's 10-year journey and the answers she discovered along the way.

Her writing is concise, non-technical, conversational, and entertaining.

Larry Dossey, MD, calls Dr. Beischel "a courageous, innovative pioneer" and found Among Mediums to be "science writing at its best."

This e-Book can be read on almost any mobile device or computer. Just download the free Kindle app!

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Visit our Amazon bookstore for a selection of books, DVDs, and audio CDs hand-picked by Windbridge Institute staff, researchers, and advisors as well as books written by Windbridge Certified Research Mediums (WCRMs).

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It was suggested to us that supporters might like to have more direct input on how their contributions are used. With that suggestion in mind, we have created an Amazon Wish List. The list provides supporters a simple way to see what kinds of books, materials, and equipment we need and, should they be interested, allow them to order these items and have them shipped directly to us.

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