CLOSED. Online Census of Traits and Observations (OCTO) Research Study



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Research Organization: Windbridge Institute, LLC
Title of Research Project: OCTO Study
Principal Investigator: Julie Beischel, PhD
Funding Organization: BIAL Foundation (Bursary #372/14)

Thank you for your interest in the OCTO Study!

The OCTO Study involves an online survey with 8 sections. Each section contains between 1 and 16 items. It takes a total of roughly 15 minutes to complete all 8 sections.

The purpose of the OCTO study is to collect information from Internet-using adults in the US regarding their demographics, beliefs, experiences, and other individual traits. Although our previous research has primarily involved studies with mediums (people who experience regular communication from the deceased) and specifically the 20 Windbridge Certified Research Mediums on our team, we are currently interested in survey responses from a much larger group of mediums and non-mediums in the United States.

A lot of what scientists have concluded about human psychology, beliefs, and experiences is based on outdated questionnaires and surveys of college students. We are interested in current survey responses from adults of various ages, histories, beliefs, and experiences. In addition, very little serious research focusing on American mediums has been conducted so almost anything we learn during this study will be new!

To participate in the OCTO Study, you must have the following characteristics:
–You are 18 or more years old,
–You are a United States citizen,
–You have access to the Internet,
–You can read and write English easily.

If you do not meet all of the above criteria, you are not an eligible candidate for participation in the OCTO Study.

No identifying information will be collected from you.

Further studies:
After completing the OCTO Study survey, you may be invited to participate in further surveys.

Answers to several Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the OCTO Study are available at the bottom of this page.

OCTO Study Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will this take?
A: Completing the eight sections of the OCTO Study survey should take you roughly 15 minutes.

Q: Do I have to be a medium to participate in the OCTO Study?
A: No. We are collecting survey responses from mediums AND non-mediums in the US.

Q: Why can only US citizens participate in the OCTO Study?
A: The US citizenship requirement is in place for both logistical and scientific reasons.
Logistically, different countries have different regulations pertaining to research participants and ensuring compliance in multiple countries is beyond the scope of the current study. Scientifically, the questions this study addresses are specifically about mediums in the US. Because the practice of mediumship varies in other countries, grouping them all together would make drawing any conclusions difficult. For example, previous research conducted by other investigators about mediums’ traits and experiences has involved specific groups of Spiritualist mediums in the UK and Spiritist mediums in Brazil and compared their responses to non-mediums in those areas. For the OCTO Study, we are interested in responses from mediums and non-mediums in the US.

Q: There are experiences I’ve had that you didn’t ask about. Aren’t these important?
A: There’s simply no practical way to ask about all of the different kinds of experiences people have in one survey. The OCTO Study survey was designed to address specific research questions about people’s specific experiences.

Q: I’ve already signed up to participate in other Windbridge Institute studies. Can I still participate in the OCTO Study?
A: Absolutely. Participation in the OCTO Study will not impact your potential participation in other studies.

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