Why Windbridge?

A letter from Director of Research, Dr. Julie Beischel

"As an independent organization, the Windbridge Institute is able to perform scientifically rigorous investigations and foster extensive peer review without being susceptible to either large overhead costs or biases based in conventional scientific paradigms. This flexibility allows us to make and report important discoveries quickly."

Dear Friends,

Since the inception of the Windbridge Institute in early 2008, we have completed a number of research studies adding to our understanding of the potential that exists within our bodies, minds, and spirits. Many more are in progress or being planned.

Currently, mediumship and the survival of consciousness are the primary research interests at the Windbridge Institute. Even after a century of research in these fields, many questions remain unanswered making further investigation important for several reasons:

  • The survival of consciousness is an issue of vital interest to the public.

  • Knowledge gained about the mediumship process may aid in understanding how humans process non-local, non-sensory information.

  • Survival and mediumship studies provide unique evidence for discovering the relationship between the mind/consciousness and the brain. That is, 1) does the brain act locally to transform consciousness which exists independently of the body and continues to survive even after death or 2) is consciousness a product of the brain's cells and synapses which dies with the brain?

  • Understanding the accuracy and reliability of information reported by mediums may have important and practical social applications in a wide range of areas including grief therapy and psychological recovery from loss, the alleviation of anxiety surrounding transition (hospice care), assistance in finding missing persons and investigating crimes, and possibly the acquisition of knowledge benefiting scientific, technological, and social progress (for example, in ecology, medicine, spirituality, politics, engineering, astronomy, agriculture, physics, etc.).

At this time, mediumship data collectively support the conclusion that certain mediums can report specific and accurate information about a deceased person under blinded conditions, in the absence of any feedback, and without using fraud or deception (a phenomenon called anomalous information reception or AIR). The source of the information and the details of the mediumship process, however, are still not clear. For example, we still do not know:

  • Do mediums get their information telepathically/psychically or are they actually communicating with the deceased?

  • Is a medium's neurophysiology different than a non-medium's?

  • Does participating in a mediumship reading help in the grief recovery process?

  • Can mediumship be taught/learned?

  • What is the afterlife like?

In addition, controlled research involving communication with the deceased without the aid of mediums is just beginning. For example:

  • Do measurable changes occur in the environment when a discarnate is present?

  • Can any measurable changes be translated into technologies allowing the deceased to communicate with us?

These and similar questions can only be answered with further research.

Due to the controversial nature of the survival and mediumship research performed at the Windbridge Institute, we cannot apply for government grants or the vast majority of private grants to support our studies. As such, our research is heavily supported by memberships and private donors.

However, as an independent organization, the Windbridge Institute is not susceptible to the barriers to progress to which larger organizations often fall victim. For example, at institutions the size of major research universities as much as 40% of donations go to overhead costs rather than to research and changes to scientific protocols may take several months to be approved. In addition, the content, direction, and scope of research at other institutions are often restricted by the biases of larger parent or granting organizations.

At the Windbridge Institute, the obstacles encountered by larger institutions have been removed and we are able to make and report important discoveries quickly. Furthermore, our decisions regarding which studies to perform are made solely on the basis of answering the questions that will contribute most to the field of knowledge and will best serve all living things.

Please consider becoming a member of the Windbridge Institute and/or making an online contribution below. Email us at support@windbridge.org for information on how to make a tax-deductible donation.

Thank you for your continued interest in and support of independent research.

Julie Beischel, PhD
Director of Research
The Windbridge Institute, LLC
"For Applied Research in Human Potential"

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