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Research suggests that people who meditate regularly score higher on psi (a.k.a. “psychic”) tests than those who don’t meditate. To help explore this idea, we have been developing software and hardware tools that 1) help promote meditative and mindfulness practices and 2) help test changes in intuitive ability over time. This is an on-going area of research and development so apps will be updated and added as more data become available.

Remember to always check with your healthcare provider before starting a mindfulness practice or making lifestyle changes.


CloudBlue: The Simple Mindfulness App

CloudBlue is a free, minimalist app that can be used as a focus for breathing, meditation, mindfulness, or just for open-ended play. The goal behind development of this app was to provide a simple tool that people can use to bring themselves back into the present. The app is Android only and is available through Google Play.  You can find it here. (iPhone version coming in the fall of 2017)

Mindfulness Meditation Cards: PsiForms Art

This deck of 12 cards were created from data that were collected from a Random Event Generator (REG) while a group of meditators focused their intention on the specific ideas that are listed on each card. 

To learn more about how these images were made, download the free PDF copy of Mark Boccuzzi’s book, Visualizing Intention here (link opens PDF in new window). 

Click here to order your deck.

 The Mindfulness Meditation Journal: “Hope”

Our  Mindfulness Meditation Journal is the perfect companion for our mindfulness cards! The image on the cover was created from data that were collected while meditators focused on the intention of “Hope.” 

Research suggests that journaling by hand has a number of neurological benefits which could increase your state of mindfulness. Use this spiral bound notebook to keep notes and journal about your daily mindfulness meditation practice.

Sold through Be sure to check the CafePress site for any promotional deals!

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Intuition Practice

A Dog’s Tale

A Dog’s Tale is a short game that lets the player direct Barkley the Dog through a forest in an attempt to find as many of Barkley’s lost toys as possible. In order to find the maximum number of toys, players will need to rely solely on their intuition. The game was specifically designed to be slow-paced and meditative. This approach allows players to take their time as they direct Barkely along the path and pay attention to how they feel when they make accurate intuitive choices.

The game should run on any desktop or mobile web browser that supports HTML5. You can play the current version of the game here.

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