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New Research:

The Bereavement and Mediumship (BAM) Study

Every day, people receive readings from psychic mediums. Is this helpful for the grieving? Science doesn’t know. Let’s figure it out.

We are currently crowd funding for the BAM Study.

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The Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential is concerned with asking, "What can we do with the potential that exists within our bodies, minds, and spirits?" Can we heal each other? Ourselves? Can we affect events and physical reality with our thoughts? Can we know things before they happen? Are we connected to each other? To the planet? Can we communicate with our loved ones who have passed?

Who We Are
Windbridge is an independent research organization consisting of a community of scientists with varied backgrounds, specialties, and interests.

Members of our international Scientific Advisory Board review research questions and protocols and provide feedback and suggestions based on their expertise. In addition, members of our Advisory Committee provide strategic and technical advice regarding the direction, scope, and progress of Windbridge.

For more information about specific studies, please see our Current Research page. And to meet our international team of researchers, visit our Investigators page.

What We Do
The Windbridge Institute investigates the capabilities of our bodies, minds, and spirits and attempts to determine how the resulting information can best serve all living things.

The Institute is concerned with bringing the information gained during research directly to the public in a timely fashion. We achieve this goal by:

o Providing periodic updates about the status of the research in our Members' e-newsletter, social media, and public email list updates.

o Sponsoring an online community where Members can communicate with Investigators, Advisors, Windbridge Certified Research Mediums, and with other Members about how conclusions drawn from the research can best serve all living things.

o Publishing our results in peer-reviewed journals and on our web site.

o Publicizing the results of studies regardless of whether they are positive (e.g., the data demonstrate the existence of a phenomenon) or negative (e.g., the study was unable to demonstrate the presence of a phenomenon).

New e-Books from Julie Beischel, PhD, Windbridge Institute Director of Research

Meaningful Messages: Making the Most of Your Mediumship Reading

Meaningful Messages provides 10 helpful hints for people interested in receiving a reading from a psychic medium. It’s a short overview of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you prepare for, experience, and reflect on a reading from a medium.

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Among Mediums: A Scientist's Quest for Answers

Among Mediums: A Scientist's Quest for Answers
is an accessible, bite-sized review of her 10-year journey and the answers she discovered along the way.

Her writing is concise, non-technical, conversational, and entertaining.

Larry Dossey, MD, calls Dr. Beischel "a courageous, innovative pioneer" and found Among Mediums to be "science writing at its best."

Price: $4.99

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About Our Logo
The spiral served as a sacred and creative symbol in nearly every culture of the ancient world. The triple spiral---or triskele---was first seen in Celtic cultures but has symbolized numerous triads to many different societies: Land-Sea-Sky; Past-Present-Future; Thought-Word-Deed; Birth-Death-Rebirth; etc.

At the Windbridge Institute, we are using the triskele's symbolism of Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Consulting Services
In addition to innovative research, the Windbridge Institute offers a wide array of consulting services:

Aid in the development and expansion of research ideas

Contracted Research including protocol design, data collection and analysis, and report writing


Project Management

Manuscript Review

Copy Editing

Grant Proposal Review

Expert Scientific and Medical Consultation for screenwriters, journalists, and authors

Other project assistance

For information about opportunities at the Windbridge Institute, please click here.

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