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The Windbridge Institute, LLC, is dedicated to conducting world-class research on phenomena currently unexplained within traditional scientific disciplines. Our research covers a wide range of topics from deepening our interpersonal connections to applied afterlife science.

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Meet the Research Mediums

Meet our team of Windbridge Certified Research Mediums (WCRMS). Each WCRM has been tested under fully blinded conditions, donates his/her time to participate in research, and abides by specific Windbridge Institute standards of conduct.

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Access our publications and media

Browse our published books, research briefs, and peer-reviewed papers and access interviews and other media.

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Meet the research team

The Windbridge Institute is an independent research organization consisting of a community of scientists with varied backgrounds, specialties, and interests. Meet our team of mulitdisciplinary researchers.

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The Windbridge Institute
Science that matters. Knowledge you can use.

The Windbridge Institute, LLC is an independent research organization investigating the capabilities of our bodies, minds, and spirits and attempting to determine how the resulting information can best serve all living things.

For the Curious

Want to learn more about the institute and our work? This is a great place to start!

For Researchers

Are you a researcher looking for the latest methods and findings? Want to design research using certified mediums? Start here.

For Clinicians

Learn about the clinical implications and interventions relating to spiritually transformative experiences (STEs) and after-death communications (ADCs).
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